Technical Details

The workshop starts on

Monday, March 15, 1999 at about early afternoon.

It will last until

Thursday, March 18, 1999 at about lunch time.

This should make it possible for all participants from central Europe to reach the place on Monday and to get back home on Thursday.
Those of you, who need additional accommodation before and/or after the meeting (i.e. before March 15th and/or after March 18th) should contact one of the hotels in Marburg. If you run into severe problems arranging your reservation please let us know.

We have already reached the limit of submissions. Further applications can therefore only be considered if participants call off, however new applications will be registered on a waiting list. Accepted participants receive an email of notification.

Those, who contribute a talk or a poster are asked to provide an abstract by January 15th, 1999. Concerning the submission formats, please follow the instructions for authors.

Middle March falls into the early spring time in Germany, accordingly any weather from still snow to sunny warm days up to 20°C can be expected.