Schloß Rauischholzhausen is located about 15km from Marburg (see local map on the right).

Marburg itself is an old university town with a picturesque old core about 80km north of Frankfurt/M.

By car you can reach Marburg on the motor way Frankfurt-Dortmund or Frankfurt-Kassel via Gießen (see left map, click here for a detailed description).

One can reach Marburg by train from Frankfurt/M main station in one hour (trains every hour, leaving Frankfurt at hh.23 h). From Marburg train station you can take a taxi to Schloß Rauischholzhausen (taxi fee will be about DM 35,--). We will try to organize a pick-up service on Monday for at least two train connections. Further details will be announced later.

Flight connection is available through Frankfurt/M International Airport with frequent train connections (S-Bahn, 10min train ride) to Frankfurt/M main railway station.

We can help with additional room reservations before and after the meeting (see technical details).