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DSX Download Area

Welcome to the DSX download area. Please note that our official download area resides here and needs a free registration. However we decided to offer an alternative without registration in order to preserve user anonymity when downloading DSX. In our official download area you will also find other programs that may be interesting for you.
DSX is a knowledge-based scoring function for the evaluation of putative protein ligand complexes. It is bundled with HotspotsX, a program for the generation of DSX-based contour maps (interaction fields).
Usage of DSX and HotspotsX is free without any limitations (See the README.txt in the download packages for further copyright and license information).
Please note, that Mac binaries will not always be up to date!

More details will be available from the publication: DOI: 10.1021/ci200274q.

News 24.10.2011:
  • The official publication is available (see text above)

News 16.08.2011:
  • Included RHEL compatible executables into the Linux package, as some users still had problems

News 17.07.2011:
  • Compatibility problems with shared libraries should be reduced in case of 32bit linux binaries (used an older gcc now)
  • Small speedup in atom type perception for version 0.89/0.61 (Mac versions will follow soon)
  • The README file is now included in both packages

  • Linux 32 and 64 bit executables and PDB-based potentials:
  • download DSX for Linux (DSX 0.90 and HotspotsX 0.61 and PDB pots version 05/11)

  • Mac 32 and 64 bit executables and PDB-based potentials):
  • download DSX for Mac (DSX 0.88 and HotspotsX 0.60 and PDB pots version 05/11)

  • PDB potentials based on pharmacophoric atom types:
  • download pharmacophore potentials (version 05/11)