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Klebe Group Marburg

The Klebe group currently consists of 33 members and our research facilities are located in the lovely city of Marburg. Our research interest covers many aspects of structure-based drug design.

The reason for many diseases or their symptoms is the fact that certain proteins are not acting properly in some of the cells of the human body. In order to curate a disease or its symptoms drug therapies try to modulate the activity of proteins that are involved in signal transduction, metabolic pathways, enzymatic transformations or protein activation which are related to that specific disease.

Thus, a drug is supposed to alter protein function through its binding. However, the development of such drugs is a long and painstaking process.

The special interest of our group is to examine how small molecules interfere, act upon or modulate the properties and functions of target proteins in a disease situation. Fundamental to all these processes is the specific and selective recognition of the interacting biomolecules.

To answer these questions, we use experimental as well as computer-based approaches. On the one hand side our research group covers the entire process of protein structure determination, from crystallization to X-ray diffraction, structure solution and refinement along with activity assays to characterize the kinetic and thermodynamic properties of protein-ligand interactions. On the other hand in silico calculations are performed using information about protein binding sites and receptor-ligand complexes. If you seek for a more detailed description of our research, please click here.

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